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Virtuosobox is a ground to collaborate music, to discover and share your passion for music, discuss music ideas and share your music inspiration. There probably would be very few people, if not none, who would say that they do not like music. However, the liking for music varies from person to person. Some people genuinely like a particular genre of music more as compared to others. While other people listen to whatever sounds melodious to them, whatever music touches them, without bothering to look at the genre. There are people who just feel confused as to what really is good music with so many different types around. And yet some others, just try to follow others around them assuming that it's good music so they should like it. However, each one of us has music within him in whatsoever form.

This idea behind Virtuosobox is to encourage the creative side in people, no matter who they are - professional artists, budding artists, people learning music as a hobby, or just pure enthusiasts who follow music out of a passion for music. No matter what level of music we have within us, it finds its best form when we choose to be open to inspirations (even as enthusiasts)and set our creativity free. Competition is really not a conducive thing as far as creativity is being considered. Collaboration on our ideas, inspirations and expressions is what brings out the best things. An easy example to see, would be the difference you feel when a band/group releases their music, and if later the members separate, they release their own songs. These individually released piece of music are wonderful too, but you clearly feel that something is missing. It’s the teamwork - the collaboration of creativity that you feel the absence of. We invite you to join hands and come together in this effort to bring our ideas, inspirations, feelings together so as each one of us gains something from the collaborative effort.
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Music expression through your web pages

Virtuosobox will present a platform where every member of the community is able to express himself / herself freely, unleashing completely the creativity inside them (You may want to have a look at: 'music to inspire creativity' )..Some people learn to overlook it, some people never know its there. Every positive art form is a manifestation of the same force which brings music out of musicians, and hence any person who is already involved (on whichever level) in an art form is already expressing free creativity. Virtusobox will also provide web hosting for music related pages (with different pricing options, starting from free) for people to be able to express their thoughts and put them out on the internet. It could be their profile, band page, or a presentation of their random thoughts about music. These pages will get presented to the entire community to view and share and also will be listed in a directory, for general visitors of the site to go through. We want all of us to come together. An endeavor to express the music in you as a community will definitely bring it out in a better way from each one.


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Music hosting

What is web hosting? Some of you who're only into music and not much into internet may not have an exact idea, but the websites that you browse need to be held on special heavy duty computers called as 'servers'. There are many providers who provide hosting to people for general purposes, charging fees in a range from $2-3 a month upto $1000 a month or even higher, depending upon the nature of the hosting and the extent. For a small website that primarily shows pictures, collects comments and hosts music videos and music clips, the price of hosting won’t be much beyond $18 a month. Again, in hosting a general rule is that you get what you pay for. Some providers charge meagre amount such as $3 - $4 a month but then that's the level of service they provide. It would be worth paying higher charges to someone who gives better service, friendly support etc. Another thing is consider  specialization. Specialized web hosting generally is charged more because it is catered to the requirements of a specific group. (example: ) The entire set up of service is done considering the requirements of the group. Virtuosobox would be providing music hosting so that all artists who already are expressing themselves and those who will just do that after being a part of the community can express themselves on their own website as they want.




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